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Why Have A Threesome?

Welcome to Threesomes-USA! Meet couples and singles looking for Threesomes near you. You've made it! You may have been thinking about it for a while, maybe discussing it with your partner if you have one, or maybe it's a spare of the moment thing, but you have decided you want to experience the joys of having a threesome. So regardless of this being the first time you are looking to have a threesome or if you're regular to the threesome scene, you are about to have the time of your life.

There are many reasons why our members love having threesomes, but the overriding factor is they want to experience something different in the bedroom - Some of our members tell us they want to spice up their sex life with their partner, others say they enjoy threesomes with a third person just for their husband or wife to watch. Many singletons too join Threesomes-USA, and as you can imagine, the reasons are similar, but differ slightly - some of the feedback we get is that they either love to have sex (nothing wrong with that!) or want to explore their own sexuality.

If you want to meet like-minded people for a MFM, FMF, all male, or all female threewaysand are looking for no-strings group sex, then register now. Once you register on Threesomes-USA you can be assured you are joining a safe and secure threesome community which is respects the privacy of others. When you are registered, you'll automatically be shown members in your area; you can also change the default to look for threesomes further afield. View profiles of couples and singles, Chat to others before meeting in our live chat rooms and exchange photos and videos!

How To Arrange A Threesome

Here at Threesome-USA we have made it easy to arrange a Threesome. We'll help you break the ice with members who we think you maybe interested in, but you can also contact singles or couples directly after joining, so no need to wait for us! Viewing profiles and sending messages directly, be upfront with people, find out more about them, and let them know what you are looking for. Ask them about what you can expect, sexually.Take a look at member photos, as for more if you want - you can even ask for them to send a video if appropriate. Chat to people in the threesome chat roomsto meet new people arrange threesomes, hear stories of other threesome adventures.

Threesome Dating

Are you looking for threesome dating, or is it that you want to meet people for a threesome? While some people find a couple or single to have a threesome with and may just stay with that trio, other people also play the field and have many threesome dates each month. You don’t need to date the people or form a relationship when threesome dating - unless you want. Many people stick to their own rules when it comes to this.